Streatham, Immanuel

Five men are listed on the roll as having been ringers at Streatham, Immanuel. Of them, Ernest Attwater did not survive the war. It is not entirely clear why he is listed for Immanuel when two of his brothers are listed as ringers at the original parish church, Streatham, St Leonard’s.

  • Lieutenant Ernest Attwater † Killed in Action, 22 March 1918 — 9th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment; 245 Machine Gun Company, Machine Gun Corps. [Served in the ranks of the Royal Sussex, rising to serjeant in the machine gun section, commissioned into the Machine Gun Corps.
  • Sapper William Edward Mardell — Royal Engineers; Wounded. [No corroboration for wound.]
  • Private Robert Basil Foreman — 3rd Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment.
  • Private George Jordan Liddiard — ?2/5th Battalion?, East Surrey Regiment; ?1st Battalion?, London Regiment; Royal Fusiliers. [Name given as G Lidiard on original roll. Only East Surrey service mentioned on the original roll]
  • Air Mechanic Henry Vernon Daniels — Royal Naval Air Service; Royal Air Force. [Listed as H F Daniels on the original roll, which caused many problms in identifying him. A 1954 history of the church refers to a Henry Daniels who died in 1904, he and his unnamed son are said to have been steeplekeepers at Immanuel, so it seems likely he belonged to this family. There is a reference in The Ringing World to a J S Daniels as steeplekeeper at Immanuel, subsequently identified from other ringing reports as John Stenton Daniels, Henry Vernon Daniels was his son and there are RNAS and RAF records for Henry Vernon Daniels, born Streatham.

Henry Vernon Daniels’ father, John Stenton Daniels, ran a local building and decorating firm, one peal report from 1912 shows that he and his employees rang a peal together, this included Ernest Attwater, Frank Norman Attwater (see St Leonard’s, Streatham), William Mardell and George Liddiard.

Sadly Immanuel’s bells were removed in 1976 as the tower was deemed to have become unsafe, and the church could not afford to repair it. Information on this (and photos of the removal) can be found on the history page of the church website.

7 thoughts on “Streatham, Immanuel

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  5. Matt Ball

    My GGG Grandfather, Henry Daniels, was a long time sent of St Leonard’s, Streatham. He rang the bells for various events, including the death of William IV and Victoria’s accession and subsequent wedding anniversaries and so on. I wonder if HV Daniels is also related?

    1. davidunderdown95 Post author

      That could be the Henry Daniels who died 1904 (mentioned in passing above), he was quite old then as I recall. I’ve had contact with some other Daniels descendants (it was thanks to finding some their photos on Flickr that I managed to make the ID despite H V’s initials being wrong on the original roll)

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