Nutfield, St Peter and St Paul

Six men from the Nutfield tower served. Albert Bashford did not return. He was the second member of the association to be killed. He died just a day after Walter Markey of Burstow died on the Western Front. Bashford, however, died far from the familiar theatres of war, in a naval battle off the Chilean port of Coronel. The Cheeseman brothers both served in the artillery. They (particularly Albert) became very well-known ringers, and still have family connections with the Surrey Association today. George Sydney Elphick brought his civilian baking skills to the logisitics of supplying the army with fresh bread, working in field bakeries probably including some time ashore in Gallipoli, where the small size of the beach head would have meant working under fire.

The last two men are still rather mysterious, with no really convincing candidates in censuses, and no military records found – though it should eventually be possible to exhaust all the files for A E Wood in the RAF records.

  • Able Seaman Alfred Bashford † Killed, 1 November 1914, Battle of Coronel, Pacific Ocean near Chile — HMS “Good Hope”, Royal Navy.
  • Second Corporal Albert Edward Cheesman — 12th Reserve Battery/2B Reserve Brigade, 20th Reserve Battery/4A Reserve Brigade, C Battery/47 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery; 3rd Field Survey Company, Royal Engineers.
  • Bombardier William Cheesman — 155 Siege Battery, 22 Observation Group, Royal Garrison Artillery.
  • Corporal George Sydney Elphick — 40 Field Bakery (53 Division), 25th Line of Communication Supply Company, D Supply Company, 24th Line of Communication Supply Company, 23rd Line of Communication Supply Company, Army Service Corps. [Initials given as G E on original roll. Various periods in and out of hosptial with jaw abscess.]
  • ?Private A Huggett — Labour Corps?. [No positive identification in census records or military records.]
  • Private 2nd class Albert Ernest Wood — Royal Air Force. Served as a labourer with the RAF on the Western Front.

Information about today’s bell and ringers can be found on the church website and the Surrey Association website.

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