Leatherhead, St Mary and St Nicholas

Six men from Leatherhead served, including two brothers, the Otways. I have had some difficulty confirming the army service of many of them, with no surviving service records or recruitment register entries. For Marriner and Winch who were very well known ringers, there is at least corroboration in obits and other biographical articles in The Ringing World, Winch in particular described his own service as “No medals, no stripes” which fits very well with Labour Corps service in home units (explaining why there is no medal index card for him). For Arthur Charles Otway too there is a wartime mention in The Ringing World which confirms his 2/5th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment service, but the only possible match in the medal cards shows only service with the South Lancashire and Wiltshire Regiments — it’s possible I will find further reports as I continue going through the wartime editions which will clear this up. The situation with the other men is similar. Either too many men of the same name to be sure I’ve found the correct medal card, or the medal card does not match the unit information on the original roll.

  • Private Harry Marks — Rifle Brigade. [There are two possible medal index cards for his service, and no way to decide which is the correct one]
  • Signals Serjeant George Harry Fordham Marriner — 1/5th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. [Received Territorial Force War Medal, so probably a pre-war member of the TF]
  • Serjeant Thomas Newnham — Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment; Labour Corps; 1st Battalion, Welsh Regiment. Discharged with Silver War Badge 25 July 1919 from Welsh Regiment Depot, not clear if due to wounds or sickness. [Only Welsh Regiment service given on original roll.]
  • Corporal Arthur Charles Otway — 2/5th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment; ?South Lancashire Regiment; Wiltshire Regiment?. [Only East Surrey service mentioned on original roll (corroborated by Ringing World mentions), only medal index card for an Arthur C Otway is for South Lancs and Wilts — not yet clear if it is the same man. Younger brother of William Ernest below]
  • Private William Ernest Otway — Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment; Middlesex Regiment; Labour Corps. [Again, like his younger brother Arthur Charles above, the evidence of the original roll and the medal index card that exists for William E Otway is not consistent, and it is not clear if they do actually refer to the same man.]
  • Private Alfred Henry Winch — Labour Corps.

Today Leatherhead is affiliated to both the Surrey Association and Guildford Diocesan Guild. The ringers have a page on the parish website and there is also information on websites of the Surrey Association and the Guildford DG.

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