Ewell, St Mary

Just two members from St Mary, Ewell served. One of these was the man who in all probability wrote the roll as it appears in the peal book. Certainly a report of a Surrey Association meeting just before the war states that Jesse Beams was to write up the previous volume, and throughout much of the war The Ringing World carried adverts from him for writing peal cards and similar. Further increasing the likelihood of this being the case is the fact that he is the only man on the roll whose forename is given in full (though that could be because his brother John was also a ringer, though he apparently didn’t undertake war service). The basic identification of F Lauer seems sound, but his slightly unusual surname seems to have caused problems for record-keepers and transcribers ever since. The only medal card for him carries details only of the award of a Silver War Badge on his discharge, however the SWB List indicates he did serve overseas, so this service must have been after the Armistice, or there is another MIC somewhere which I have failed to find.

  • Private Jesse Beams — 29th (Works) Battalion, Middlesex Regiment; 16th Battalion, Essex Regiment; 681st and 438th Agricultural Companies, Labour Corps. [Only Essex Regiment service given on original roll.]
  • Private Frederick Charles Lauer [or possibly Frederick Charles Laner or Frederick Charles Laver] — Army Service Corps; Discharged due to sickness, 10 October 1919. [His surname is variously recorded in different records. The original roll indicates he was wounded, the most likely MIC states he was discharged due to illness]

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    Jesse, named after his father [1837 – 1910 -http://www.epsomandewellhistoryexplorer.org.uk/PostalHistory-3.pdf], had been baptised at St Mary’s Ewell on 3/9/1876. He was a postman when he married Elizabeth Taylor in the Parish Church on 11/8/1900.

    A son William Jesse, born 5/11(or 12)/1901 in Epsom, was brought for baptism at St Mary’s on 5/1/1902 when the family were living in Brickyard Cottages. They resided later at Gibraltar, part of West Street, Ewell.

    Jesse’s death, aged 62, was registered in Surrey Mid E, 3/1939.

    The mis-spelling of Frederick Charles Lauer’s surname dates back to his parents Charles Matthias & Harriett Isabella. He was baptised privately, 16/8/1872, before being admitted to Holy Trinity, Twickenham , on 1/9/1872 [reg. Brentford, 9/1872].

    He had became a Grocer’s Assistant prior to his marriage to Elizabeth Ann Pederick in St Mary’s, Ewell, 26/9/1898.A son Charles Henry was baptised in that church, 15/10/1899.

    The family lived on Kingston Road, Ewell, latterly in Alleleigh Cottage.

    Frederick C Lauer’s death, aged 82, was recorded Surrey Mid E, 6/1955.


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