Egham, St John the Baptist

There are four men who rang at Egham listed on the original roll – unfortunately two of them seem to have errors in their names, and a third lists only one of his initials. The four men were:

  • Private Ernest George Richard Filewood — 1/6th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. [He received the Territorial Force War Medal so was probably a pre-war member of the TF. Listed on the original roll as G Filewood]
  • Lance Corporal Percy Edward Gigg — King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; 2/6th battalion, East Surrey Regiment; 7th Battalion (3rd (City of London) Volunteer Rifle Corps), the London Regiment; Wounded, shrapnel, left hand 7 October 1916 and shell shock 10 June 1917, discharged 10 October 1918 [initials given as F E in the original roll, however there is no census match with those initials, while there is a full set of census, service record, medal index card and recruitment register entry for this man, his father was the parish sexton which shows a strong connection with the church, and the unit matches that in the roll, allowing for common confusion between City of London Regiment (the Royal Fusiliers) and the TF London Regiment (which had Royal Fusiliers badged battalions). Seems to have attested twice, initially in Richmond, Yorkshire to KOYLI, and then in Kingston-upon-Thames, service record shows a great deal of confusion over this.]
  • Private ?Frederick Perkins — Royal Army Medical Corps. [Listed as F Perkins, Frederick seems to be the only possibility in 1911 census, but was only born in 1902. There is another Frederick Perkins in 1901, but his background suggests we would probably have been commissioned. The first Frederick mentioned was the youngest of 14 children (he had nephews and nieces older than him!). The oldest was called Ernest Benjamin, and I initially thought it might be him as a I read the initial as an E to start with, before realising that it was an F with a crammed in full stop.].
  • Private ?William James? Scammell — Rifle Brigade; Labour Corps. [Original roll appears to say Seammell, but no census candidates. Only Labour Corps candidate in medal index cards had prior Rifle Brigade service]

Information about today’s ringers can be found on the Surrey Association website and the church’s website.

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