Charlwood, St Nicholas

Five men from Charlwood tower served.  Included in the list is Oliver Sippetts, who was actually from Crawley in Sussex, and very well known in the Sussex County Association. Though sharing the same surname George and Sidney Herbert Ellis were not brothers, and any relationship between them has to yet been established. George’s father was also a ringer, known as “Biggy” according to his obit in 1938. George Wickens senior was also a ringer.

George Ellis rejoined the RAF reserve in 1938 as the Second World War approached.  Sidney Ellis and Arthur Knapp would be disabled to some degree by their service, and were in receipt of war pensions for a number of years.

  • Sergeant George Ellis — Royal Flying Corps; 34 Squadron, 139 Squadron Royal Air Force [only RAF service noted on original roll]. Broke his wrist in an accident while posted to Italy.
  • Private Sidney Herbert Ellis — 4th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment [though not noted on the original roll, he received a gunshot wond to the chest in November 1917]
  • Corporal George Wickens junior — Royal Flying Corps; Royal Air Force [only RAF service noted on original roll].
  • Corporal Oliver Sippetts — Leinster Regiment; Labour Corps [only Leinster Regiment service mentioned on original roll].
  • Private Arthur Knapp — Army Service Corps; 208 Reserve Labour Company, Labour Corps [though not noted on the original roll, contracted malaria in Salonika. Led to blindness in one eye, and recurrent attacks until at least 1921].

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