Frederick George Balcombe

A brief summary of Frederick George Balcombe’s life can be found here, full details and references are on his page in Lives of the First World War.

Personal life

Born: April 1876 At: Bletchingley
Birth registered: 3rd quarter 1876 Godstone Registration District
Married: 11 December 1899 At: St Mary’s, Bletchingley
Marriage registered: 4th quarter 1899 Godstone Registration District
Married: Kate House
Adopted Child: Reginald Cooper
Died: 12 October 1958 At: Caterham?
Death registered: 4th quarter 1958 Surrey South Eastern Registration District
Buried: 16 October 1958 In: Bletchingley churchyard
Aged: 82


Learnt to ring: Bletchingley, c1894 Association membership: Surrey Association Elected: 1898
Peals: At least 2 First peal 12 November 1898

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