John Howard Richard Freeborn

This page attempts to set out the key events of John Howard Richard Freeborn’s life (he is usually listed in ringing reports as J Howard R Freeborn), with detailed references. Freeborn was not on the original roll, but was in Sutton from about 1915 until the early 1920s, and rang at Benhilton. He was a fairly prolific ringer with over 200 peals to his credit. No attempt has been made to compile a complete list, with the exception of those in 1919, several of which were connected to his military service. See the the main blog post about him and the bottom of this page for automatically generated links to any other blog posts which refer to this page, and also his profile on Lives of the First World War.

Personal life

Born: 28 October 1887 At: Kidlington Vicarage, Oxfordshire
Birth registered: 4th quarter 1887 Woodstock registration district
Died: 4 June 1971 At: Cambridge
Death registered: Cambridgeshire registration district 2nd quarter 1971
Aged: 83
Funeral and cremation: 10 June 1971 Ashes interred: Kidlington, Sunday 13 June 1971


Learnt to ring: Kidlington, Oxford, 1904 Association membership: Oxford Diocesan Guild Elected: ?
Ancient Society of College Youths Elected: 1911
Cambridge University Society of Change Ringers Elected: 1911?
Surrey Association Elected: 1915?
Peals: Over 200 (over 100 of Stedman alone)


Occupation (1911): Architectural Woodwork, for J P White
Occupation (subsequently): Architect and surveyor

War service

Service: Army Rank: 2nd Lieutenant Commissioned: On 4 July 1915
Corps: York and Lancaster Regiment Subunit: 4th (Hallamshire) Battalion Date:
Posted 2/4th Battalion 4 July 1915
Posted 3/4th Battalion Before 3 March 1916
Promoted acting captain 3/4th Battalion 25 June 1916
Seconded Acting Captain on the General List while employed as battalion adjutant to regiment of Volunteer Training Corps 25 June 1916
Relinquishment of acting rank (and demobilisation?) Ceased to be employed as battalion adjutant to regiment of Volunteer Training Corps, probably demobilised at this time (final relinquishment of commission not found 16 January 1920
Recommissioned as Lieutenant Pioneer Corps 3 July 1940
Resigns commission, granted honorary rank of major Pioneer Corps 13 March 1943
Campaign medals: None for First World War service, Second World War – unknown

Life events

Date Modifier Date Event Description/Notes Sources
On 14 September 1886 Parents’ marriage The Reverend Albert Corsellis Richard Freeborn (26) married Miriam Elizabeth (or Elisabeth) Howard (27) at Biddenham parish church on 14 September 1886. The marriage was conducted by the bride’s uncle, the Revd J T Rogers, Vicar of Madehurst, Arundel; assisted by the Revd J B Anstice, Vicar of Hungerford and Rural Dean; and the Revd H Wood, Vicar of Biddenham. Albert is described as Curate-in-Charge of Kidlington and younger son of the late Dr Freeborn of Oxford. Miriam was the second daughter of Charles Howard of Biddenham, according to a transcript of the parish register he gave his occupation as farmer. FreeBMD1; FreeBMD2; BiddenhamTranscripts
Before 31 December 1887 Birth John Howard Richard Freeborn was born at Kidlington Vicarage, the son of the Reverend Albert Corsellis Richard Freeborn who had become the vicar that year. FreeBMD3
On 7 February 1890 31 March 1890 Birth of brother Charles Fernandez Freeborn was born at Biddenham Manor in his mother’s hometown of Biddenham, Bedfordshire, on 7 February the birth was registered in the 1st quarter 1890 in the Bedford registration district. FreeBMD4; Census1891; Times1
On 5 April 1891 Census In 1891 the family were still at Kidlington Vicarage, John (3) and his brother Charles (1), along with their parents, Albert (31) and Miriam (32). Also in the household were Isabella Barker (20), a domestic nurse, Louisa Collis (17), cook, and Rose E Dawson (15), housemaid. Census1891
On 31 March 1901 Census By 1901 Freeborn was a boarder at St Edward’s School, Oxford. Census1901
In 1904 Learnt to ring In 1904 Freeborn learnt to ring at Kidlington, taught by Harry Judge. RWObit
On 19 January 1906 Choral scholarship Freeborn was “elected to the academical clerkship vacant for a bass voice at Magdalen College”, this was presumably equivalent to a choral scholarship. However he does not seem to have taken a degree, though he is included in the University of Oxford Roll of Service 1914-1916. This appears to indicate that he joined the university in 1916, but perhaps this was a typo for 1906. Times3
On 2 April 1911 Census In 1911 Freeborn (23) was a visitor in the house of John William Harrisson (58), a retired doctor and his wife, Charlotte Emily Harrison (58). Also in the household were another visitor, Robert Alexander Pillcher (53), of independent means; Sarah Ann Brewer (44, a widow), cook; and Nellie Matilda Wisdom (19), housemaid. It seems the Harrissons were his aunt and uncle, a year earlier The Times announced their silver wedding with the details of their original wedding at St Mark’s, Kennington, conducted by the Revd A C R Freeborn, the brother of the bride Charlotte E Freeborn, second daughter of the late Dr R Fernandez Freeborn.

Freeborn is described as working in architectural woodwork, for the firm of J P White. Records of that firm are now held by Luton and Bedfordshire Archives.

Census1911; Times4
Before 31 December 1911 Matriculated In 1911 John matriculated at Clare College, Cambridge to read history. He would have been about 24 which seems to have been relatively unusual at this period when the small number of people who went to university would generally have done so straight from school. He joined Cambridge University Guild of Change Ringers, and was also a rower and was awarded his Blue as a hammer thrower. However some sort of heart problem lead to him giving up rowing, though he would retain an interest. RWObit; ClareObit
In 1911 Elected member of Ancient Society of College Youths At some point in 1911 Freeborn became a member of the Ancient Society of College Youths, one of the premier bellringing societies. ASCYMem
On 14 October 1913 Marriage John Howard Richard Freeborn married Catherine Muriel Holme at the Priory Church, Great Malvern on 14 October 1913 (though he was still an undergraduate at the time). Curiously there are two sets of registrations shown in the indices, firstly in the 3rd quarter 1913 in the Bath registration district, and then in the 4th quarter 1913 in the Upton registration district. The second of these would appear to be correct as it matches the wedding announcement in The Ringing World. The marriage service was conducted by Freeborn’s father (though he was still Vicar of Kidlington). Catherine Muriel seems to have been as Muriel as that is how she is named in the wedding announcement, she is described as the daughter of Mr G J Holme. The 1911 census shows that she was 30 in 1911, living with her father George Jackson Holme (65), a dentist, at Enderley, Avenue Road, Malvern. This makes her about seven years older than Freeborn FreeBMD5; FreeBMD6; FreeBMD7; FreeBMD8; Census1911-1; RW1
In 1914 Graduated Freeborn took his BA in 1914. It seems he probably then moved to Sutton, when he was commissioned in July 1915 he was said to have been a member of the 9th (Sutton) Surrey, Volunteer Training Corps (an organisation often described as the equivalent of the Home Guard in the Second World War, though organised somewhat differently) for nine months. UnivReg; RW1
On 4 July 1915 Commissioned Freeborn was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the 2/4th (Hallamshire) Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment on 4 July 1915. According to the report in The Ringing World he had been attempting to gain a commission for eight months, but an injury to his left eye meant that he was unsuccessful until the intervention of General Sir Josceline Wodehouse, a retired artillery office who was commanding the Surrey Regiment of the VTC. Freeborn is described as having 12 years previous military experience, including membership of an OTC (presumably at Cambridge). His obit also states that he joined the Territorial Force in 1911, but there is no independent evidence for that, and it’s likely that was confusion with the OTC. LG1; RW2; RWObit
On 23 August 1915 Touch Freeborn rang in a touch of Stedman Caters at Newcastle Cathedral on 23 August 1915. It’s not quite clear why he was there at the time as 2/4th Yorks and Lancs were still stationed in Beverley at the time, though they were to move to Gateshead in November. RW3; YandL
Before 3 December 1915 Touch Freeborn rang in several touches of Stedman Triples at Doncaster Parish Church for the funeral of a local ringer, Robert Bayles. This was reported in The Ringing World of 3 December 1915, but no date is given for the funeral itself. Again it’s not quite clear why he was in Doncaster as his battalion was then in Gateshead. It’s possible he had now been transferred to 3/4th Battalion which was stationed at Clipstone Camp, a profile published in The Ringing World on 3 March 1916 gives that as his battalion rather than 2/4th as when he was first commissioned RW2; RW4; RW5; YandL
On 25 June 1916 Promoted On 25 June 1916 Freeborn was promoted to temporary Captain (though his substantive rank was still Second Lieutenant). LG2
On 11 April 1917 Seconded On 11 April 1917 Freeborn was appointed as adjutant to a Battalion of a Volunteer Regiment as a temporary captain on the General List. LG3
On 27 January 1918 Birth of daughter Muriel E H Freeborn was born at Streatham Manor on 27 January 1918. The birth was registered in the Wandsworth registration district in the 1st quarter 1918. FreeBMD9; Times5
On 4 December 1918 Various ringing John Webb of Benhilton died of double pneumonia at Ashford, Kent on 28 November 1918. This followed (Spanish) flu. He was buried at Benhilton on 4 December 1918, as close to the tower as could be managed. The bells were rung before and after the service by ringers from Carshalton, Mitcham, Beddington and Benhilton, and a course of Grandsire Triples was rung over the grave on handbells, with Freeborn ringing 3-4. On 9 December was a half-muffled touch of Plain Bob Minor, with the seventh and eighth rung behind, the seventh rung by Freeborn and the eighth by W Hodges, who is also listed on the original roll as a Benhilton ringer. RW6
On 1 March 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the ninth to a peal of Stedman Caters at Beddington on 1 March 1919. Also ringing was Sergt H L Garfath, listed on the original roll as a South Croydon ringer. RW7
On 15 March 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the third to a peal of Kent Major at Putney on 15 March 1919. This was the first all-officer peal to be rung, six army officers and two from the RAF. Also from Surrey and listed on the original roll, were Lieut Cyril F Johnston, 3rd Grenadier Guards, of Croydon, and Major J H B Hesse, Motor Transport, RASC of Kingston. RW8
On 20 March 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the sixth to a halfmuffled peal of Stedman Triples at St-George-the-Martyr, Southwark, on 20 March 1919. Hesse again also rang in this peal which commemorated three local ringers killed in 1918 while serving, Gunner William H Taffender RHA, Pte Frederick J Hardy, Wiltshire Regiment and Pte Frederick S Morley MM*, Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). RW9
On 21 April 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the ninth to a peal of Kent Royal at Beddington, on 21 April 1919. Hesse again also rang in this peal. RW10
On 3 May 1919 Peal (false) Freeborn rang the treble to a peal of Grandsire Caters at South Croydon, on 3 May 1919. Hesse and Johnston again also rang in this peal. The peal was to mark a parade through Croydon by colonial troops. This was supposed to be Freeborn’s 50th peal, however the composition by Lt E Maurice Atkins RE (who also conducted), was subsequently shown to be false (that is at least one change, or ordering of the bells, was repeated), and so dropped from counts. RW11
On 10 May 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the seventh to a peal of Stedman Caters at Bedford, on 10 May 1919. Atkins again also rang in this peal. This presumably was actually Freeborn’s 50th true peal. RW12
On 22 May 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the treble to a peal of Superlative Surprise Major at St Giles-in-the-Fields, Bloomsbury, on 22 May 1919. RW13
On 7 June 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the eighth to a peal of Stedman Caters at Wrington, Somerset on 7 June 1919. Hesse also rang in this peal once again, which was actually where he first rang, and he had been instrumental in having it augmented to ten bells. The peal formed part of a College Youths tour, a humorous report on which, written by Freeborn appeared in a later issue of The Ringing World. Much of the local cider was consumed during the tour apparently. RW14; RW16
On 9 July 1919 Peal Freeborn rang the treble to a peal of Grandsire Caters at South Croydon on 9 July 1919. Hesse, Johnston and Atkins also rang in this peal once again, which was to replace the earlier officers’ peal on ten at South Croydon which had been discovered to be false. There was one change to the ringers taking part. This is marked by a peal board at South Croydon, where a photograph of the band also hangs. RW15
On 16 January 1920 Demobilised? The London Gazette shows that Freeborn gave up his rank as temporary captain on ceasing to act as the adjutant of a regiment of the Volunteer Training Corps. The actual relinquishment of his commission has not been found, but this probably marked his return to civilian life. LG4
On 29 January 1920 Departs for Hong Kong Freeborn departed for Hong Kong from Liverpool aboard the Peleus of the Alfred Holt & Co line, master, J G Reynard. The transcript lists him as J N Freeborn, but looking at the image of the original document it does appear that it could be an H with a rather sloping crossbar. He is listed as Capt J [H] Freeborn, aged 32, a lecturer. The age is consistent with the known information, and the obituary published in The Ringing World does state that for a short period after the First World War he worked as a history lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. The ship was ultimately heading to Japan and calling first at Singapore. Singapore newspapers show that the ship arrived there around the 8 March. Freeborn left his wife at home, either heavily pregnant or with a newborn child. SFP1; OutPass
Before 31 March 1920 Birth of daughter The birth of Dorothy M S Freeborn was registered in the 1st quarter 1920 in the Epsom registration district. In March 1919 Freeborn had written a letter to The Times complaining that the Amateur Athletics Association had opted to hold their championship on the same weekend that it had already been announced that the Henley Regatta would be held. His address then was Bemerton, Cedar Road, Sutton, though according to a Ringing World announcement he would only move there on 9 October 1919. No birth announcement has yet been traced for Dorothy. FreeBMD10; Times5; Times6; RW17
On 26 June 1921 Arrives at Liverpool Freeborn arrived back at Liverpool aboard the Metagama of the Canadian Pacific Ocean Services line, from Montreal on 26 June 1921 (the transcript incorrectly gives the departure port as New Orleans, but the image of the original record is quite clear that it was Montreal). Again he is listed as a lecturer, and his permanent address is given as Kidlington Vicarage (well, actually Vidlington Vicarage, but that is presumably a typo). SFP1; InPass
On 31 May 1924 Provisional Olympic selection The Times of 31 May 1924 carried the list of those provisionally selected for the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. The final selection was to be made following the British Championships on 20-21 June, but entries had to be made before that date. Selections would only be confirmed if the qualification criteria were met. Sadly it seems he did not make it, the only British competitor being Malcolm Nokes, the silver medallist. Times7
Before 31 December 1924 Move The Kelly’s Directory of Buckinghamshire for 1924 shows John Howard Richard Freeborn residing at The Dell, Chalfont Station village, Amersham. The 1928 and 1931 directoreis (at least) show the same address KellyBucks
On 10 July 1930 Death of father The Revd Albert Corsellis Richard Freeborn died at Oxford on 10 July 1930 aged 70. Though never a ringer himself, he had been a strong supporter of the Oxford Diocesan Guild, which presumably led to his son taking up ringing. Times8; RW18
On 6 March 1933 Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects On 6 March 1933 Freeborn was elected an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects at a meeting of the institute’s council. Times9
On 3 July 1940 Recommissioned Freeborn rejoined the army, reverting to the rank of lieutenant, taking a commission in the Pioneer Corps on 3 July 1940. LG5
On 27 June 1942 Marriage of daughter Freeborn’s younger daughter Dorothy M Sonia married Hamilton James Elverson at St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square on 27 June 1942. The marriage notice suggests she was known as Sonia, though the registration lists her as Dorothy M S. Elverson was the son Major and Mrs Elverson of 10 The Green, Marlbrough. The Freeborn’s were then living at Coombe House, Oxford. FreeBMD11; FreeBMD12; Times10
On 13 March 1943 Resigned commission Freeborn resigned his commission in the Pioneer Corps on 13 March 1943. He was then a War Substantive captain, but received the honorary rank of major, suggesting he had acted in that capacity at some point in his Second World War service. LG6
Before 31 December 1944 Marriage of daughter The marriage of Muriel E H Freeborn and Robert W Mathews was registered in the Amersham registration district in the 4th quarter 1944. FreeBMD13; FreeBMD14
On 15 February 1956 Death of mother Miriam Elizabeth Freeborn died at Oxford, aged 97, on 15 February 1956. Her funeral was at Kidlington on 18 February. FreeBMD15; Times11
On 14 October 1963 Golden wedding anniversary peal In order to celebrate his Golden Wedding anniversary, Freeborn rang the treble to a peal of Stedman Triples at Kidlington on 14 October 1963, the exact anniversary of their wedding. The Cambridge University Guild of Change Ringers also rang a peal (of Cambridge Surprise Royal) as an anniversary compliment, at Bishop’s Stortford on 16 November. RW19
On 4 January 1964 Death of wife Catherine Muriel Freeborn died at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, aged 85, on Saturday 4 January 1964. Their address was then Cherwell Lodge, Watereaton Road, Oxford. She was cremated at Headington on Thursday 9 January. Probate was granted to Freeborn (described as a retired chartered architect) on 7 February in respect of an estate of £1596. Her age at death suggests she was born in 1879 or 1878, so she was actually several years older than Freeborn. According to his obituary in the Clare Association Annual Freeborn then moved to Cambridge to live with one of his daughters. FreeBMD16; Times12; Probate; ClareObit
On 26 August 1965 Peal Freeborn rang the treble to a peal of Stedman Triples at St Ives, Huntingdonshire. This was his 100th peal of Stedman. RW20; RW21
On 29 October 1966 Peal Freeborn rang the eighth to a peal of Stedman Cinques at Saffron Walden. This was rung on the 60th anniversary of his first peal in the method, and the day after his 79th birthday. RW22
On 28 October 1967 Peal Freeborn rang the seventh to a peal of Stedman Cinques at Saffron Walden. This was rung on his 80th birthday. RW23
On 26 April 1968 Marriage Having been widowed for just over four years, Freeborn remarried, to Mrs (Mary) Ada Miller at Great St Mary’s, Cambridge. She had herself been widowed for just over a year, her first husband, Mr S T Miller had been a prominent Cambridge lawyer. Before his marriage Freeborn had been living at 17 Luard Road, Cambridge, and Miller at 246 Hills Road, Cambridge. Their address after their marriage was to be 52 Queen Edith’s Way. The bells of Great St Mary’s were rung for the wedding, and also the bells of Kidlington. RW24; RW25; Times13; BMD1; BMD2
On 5 June 1971 Death Freeborn died on 5 June 1971, aged 83 (the initial report in The Ringing World stated 4 June, but the death announcement in The Times, and the later full obituary in The Ringing World, both state 5 June). His funeral was at Great St Mary’s, Cambridge, on Thursday 10 June, followed by cremation. A quarter peal was rung that day at St Andrew’s, Cambridge, with the band comprising former masters of the Cambridge University Guild. His ashes were interred at Kidlington on Sunday 13 June. The interment was attended by his daughter (now apparently Mrs Parsons), three of his contemporaries from St Edward’s School, and several ringers from the Oxford area. There was halfmuffled ringing immediately following, though a quarter peal attempt in the evening failed, though one had been rung at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, beforehand. A peal, in memoriam, was rung at Kidlington a few days later. Various of his ringing-related papers are now held in the library of the Cambridge Univeristy Guild, including his peal book, recording each of his peals from 1906 onwards. RW26; RW27; RWObit; CUGCRLib; Times14; BMD3



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