Thomas Arthur Talbot

This page attempts to set out the key events of Thomas Arthur Talbot’s life, with detailed references. See the bottom of the page for automatically generated links to blog posts which refer to this page.

Personal life

Born: Before 8 February 1880 At: Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Birth registered: 1st quarter 1880 Berkhampstead Registration District
Married: 9 February 1907 At: Holy Trinity, Selhurst
Marriage registered: 1st quarter 1907 Croydon Registration District
Married: Agnes Annie Kenyon
Birth of child registered: 4th quarter 1907 Croydon Registration District
Child: Marjorie Annie Talbot
Birth of child registered: 4th quarter 1908 Croydon Registration District
Child: Edward George Talbot
Birth of child registered: 1st quarter 1911 Dorking Registration District
Child: Dora Lilian Talbot
Died: On 21 October 1947 At: Wallington?
Death registered: 4th quarter 1947 ?
Aged: 67


Learnt to ring: Croydon, St John’s, c1893 Association membership: Surrey Association Elected: 1898
Peals: At least 13 (to 1924)


Occupation (1901): Carpenter
Occupation (1911): Carpenter
Occupation (1915): Carpenter

War service

Service: Army Rank: Corporal Enlisted: 11 December 1915
Corps: Royal Engineers Subunit: ? Number: ?
Campaign medals: Unknown

Life events

Date Modifier Date Event Description/Notes Sources
On 16 February 1859 Parents’ marriage Joseph Talbot and Emily Dann married at Paddington Parish Church (St James’ Paddington). The marriage was registered 1st quarter 1859, Kensington Registration District, Middlesex [subsequently London]. Both are recorded only as being of “full” age (i.e. over 21), Joseph is shown as a coachman living at Hyde Park Garden Mews, no occupation is shown for Emily who was living in Hyde Park Square. Joseph’s father, Charles Talbot is listed as a servant; Emily’s, Henry Dann, also a servant. FreeBMD1; FreeBMD2; LondonParishRegisters1
On 23 January 1860 Birth of sister Emily Mary Talbot was born in London’s Hyde Park Gardens Mews on 23 January 1860. The birth was registered 1st quarter 1860, Kensington Registration District. She was baptised at St James’, Paddington on 26 February 1860, in the baptismal register the family address was given as 47 Hyde Park Garden Mews. Joseph is again described as a coachman. FreeBMD3; LondonParishRegisters2; Census1901
On 7 April 1861 Census The Talbot family, Joseph (30), a coachman; Emily (28), a needlewoman; and their daughter Emily Mary (1), were living at Hyde Park Gardens Mews. Census1861
Before 30 March 1862 Birth of Sister Catherine Ann Talbot [or Catharine Ann Talbot], born Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, registered 1st quarter 1862, Watford Registration District, Hertfordshire. Her firstname is given as Catherine in the birth indices, but Catharine in subsequent censuses. FreeBMD4; Census1871
Before 30 September 1863 Birth of Sister Hannah Talbot, born Paddington, Middlesex, registered 3rd quarter 1863, Kensington Registration District, Middlesex. It does not appear that we she was baptised at St James’ Paddington. FreeBMD5; Census1871
Before 30 September 1865 Birth of Brother Joseph David Talbot, born Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, registered 3rd quarter 1865, Berkhampstead Registration District, Hertfordshire. FreeBMD6; Census1871
Before 30 December 1867 Birth of Sister Louisa Talbot, born Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, registered 4th quarter 1867, Berkhampstead Registration District, Hertfordshire. FreeBMD7; Census1871
Before 2 November 1870 Birth of Sister Alice Talbot, born Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, registered 4th quarter 1870, Berkhampstead Registration District, Hertfordshire. On the 1871 census she is listed as being 6 months old, which suggests she was born between 3 October and 2 November 1870. FreeBMD8; Census1871
On 2 April 1871 Census The Talbot family of Joseph (38) a coachman; his wife Emily (36); along with their children, Emily M (11) scholar, Catharine A (9) scholar, Hannah (7) scholar, Joseph D (5) scholar, Louisa (3) and Alice (6 months) were living at 46 Hyde Park Gardens Mews. Census1871
Before 30 December 1872 Birth of sister Ellen Ada Talbot, born Great Berkhamsted, registered 4th quarter 1872. FreeBMD9; Census1881
Before 30 September 1875 Birth of sister Amy Elizabeth Talbot, born Great Berkhamsted, registered 3rd quarter 1875. FreeBMD10; Census1881
Before 8 February 1880 Birth Thomas Arthur Talbot, born Great Berkhamsted, baptised 8 February 1880, registered 1st quarter 1880. FreeBMD11; HertsParishTranscript; Census1881
On 3 April 1881 Census The 1-year-old Thomas Arthur Talbot was living with his parents Joseph (48), coachman, and Emily (46); and the following of his older siblings, Joseph D (15), no occupation stated, Louisa (13), Alice (10), Ellen A (8) and Amy E (5), all listed as scholars. The oldest few had presumably moved out. They were again at 46 Hyde Park Gardens Mews. Census1881
On 5 April 1891 Census By 1891 Thomas (11), scholar, was living with his parents Joseph (59), now a retired coachman, and Emily (56); along with some of his elder siblings, Emily M (31), Catharine A (29), no occupation listed for either, Joseph D (26) warehouseman, Amy E (15), specifically said to have no occupation. Also in the household was Henry J Rumble (26), a general labourer. The family were now living at 54 Borough Hill, Croydon. Interestingly a James Rumble appears in several peal reports from St John’s, Croydon from 1892 onwards, ringing alongside a Joseph Talbot. Census1891; BN1; BN2; BN3
On 15 April 1895 Peal On 15 April 1895 a peal of Oxford Bob Triples was rung at St John’s, Croydon. Two men were ringing the tenor, Thomas Verrell and Thomas Talbot. Joseph Talbot was ringing the fourth and James Rumble the treble. Curiously, it is not listed as Thomas’s first peal, whereas the next he was involved in (see below) is. BN4
On 22 March 1898 Peal Thomas rang the third in a peal of Grandsire Triples at St John’s Croyon, with Joseph on the fifth and James Rumble on the second. This is marked as his first peal, and he was elected to the Surrey Association prior to the peal starting. BN5
On 11 April 1898 Annual meeting At the 1898 annual meeting of the Surrey Association, Talbot’s election as an association member was ratified (then a St John’s, Croydon ringer). F Balcombe of Bletchingley was also confirmed as a member at his meeting. BN6
On 30 October 1900 Peal Thomas rang the treble to a quarter peal of Stedman Triples, with James Rumble on the third. The ringer of the tenor is given as G Talbot, this may be a type for J Talbot. This quarter is only said to be at Croydon, it does not state if it was St John’s or St Peter’s, but the Bell News index lists it under St Peter’s. BN7
On 31 March 1901 Census In 1901 the family were still living at 54 Borough Hill. Thomas (21) was now a carpenter. He was living with his parents, Joseph (68) living on own means, and Emily (65). Also in the house were his siblings: Emily M (41), a dressmaker; Alice (30), nurse domestic; and Louisa Crawley (nee Talbot, 33), living on own means. She was a widow and also in the household were her two children (Thomas’s niece and nephew): Louisa E Crawley (4, born Horsham) and Arthur J (2 months, born Croydon). Finally was once more was the boarder Henry J Rumble (36), a house painter, who was also in the household in 1891. Census1901
On 6 July 1901 Outing Thomas took part in the Beddington ringers’ outing to Canterbury. This is the first time he is connected with Beddington. BN8
On 4 January 1902 Peal Thomas rang the treble to a peal of Oxford Bob Triples at Beddington. Also in the band were James Rumble on the third and Arthur J Plowman, father of Ernest. BN9
On 1 March 1902 Peal Thomas rang the tenor to a peal of Stedman Caters at Beddington. BN10
On 16 October 1902 Touch Thomas rang the treble to a touch of 575 Grandsire Caters at Beddington for Harvest Festival. BN11
On 7 March 1903 Peal Thomas rang the third to a peal of Grandsire Caters at Beddington, his first in the method. BN12
On 6 February 1904 Peal Thomas again rang the third to a peal of Grandsire Caters at Beddington. BN13
On 7 May 1904 Peal Thomas rang the third to a peal of Stedman Triples at Beddington, his first in the method. BN14
On 3 December 1904 Peal Thomas rang the tenor to a peal of Stedman Caters at Beddington. BN15
On 9 February 1907 Marriage Thomas Arthur Talbot (28) married Agnes Annie Kenyon (20) at Holy Trinity, Selhurst, on 9 February 1907. He was still living at 54 Borough Hill, she at 282 Whitehorse Road. Thomas’s father was Joseph a coachman (as expected), hers, Allen Kenyon, machinist. The marriage was registered in the Croydon registration district in the 1st quarter 1907. FreeBMD11; FreeBMD12; SurreyParish1
Before 30 December 1907 Birth of daughter Later in the same year as their marriage their first child arrived. The birth of Marjorie Annie Talbot was registered in the Croydon Registration District in the 4th quarter 1907. The 1911 census gives her birthplace as Wallington. FreeBMD14; Census1911
On 12 May 1908 Quarter peal Thomas rang the third to a quarter peal of Stedman Triples at St John’s Croydon. Joseph was ringing the second. It had been sometime since Thomas had been reported as ringing at St John’s, but this quarter was rung as a farewell to the conductor, E Bray, who was about to move to Eastbourne. BN16
Before 30 June 1908 Death of mother The death of Emily Talbot (73), was registered in Croydon Registration District in the 2nd quarter 1908.. FreeBMD14; Census1911-2
Before 30 December 1908 Birth of son In 1908 came the birth of a second child, Edward George Talbot was registered in the Croydon Registration District in the 4th quarter 1908. The 1911 census gives his birthplace as Croydon. FreeBMD15; Census1911
Before 2 February 1911 Birth of daughter The birth of Dora Lilian Talbot was registered in the 1st quarter 1911 in the Dorking Registration District. According to the 1911 census she was 2 months old by 2 April 1911 and was born in Wotton, Dorking, Surrey. FreeBMD16; Census1911
On 2 April 1911 Census Thomas Arthur Talbot (31) a carpenter, was living with his wife of 4 years, Agnes Annie (25, born Meltham, Yorkshire) and three children: Marjorie Annie (3), Edward George (2) and Dora Lilian; a Broadmoor Cottages, Wotton, Dorking. He is described as working on his own account (i.e self-employed, so he may well have been working on a job in the area, rather than it being a permanent move. His father (78), now widowed, was still at 54 Borough Hill along with Emily Mary (51). Joseph David (45) was living with a wife, Ethel Caroline (41), and six children at 92 Waddon Road, Croydon. Census1911; Census1911-2; Census1911-3
On 11 December 1915 Attested The Surrey Recruitment Registers record “T Talbot, Carpenter, born Berkhamstead, 35 years 11 months old, height 5’8.25″, weight 129 lbs, 34.5″ chest, 3″ expansion, attested Woolwich, 11 December 1915. Lived 6 Ravensworth Road, Croydon.” SRR
On 4 September 1920 Peal Thomas rang the third to a peal of Plain Bob Major. RW1
On 2 October 1920 Peal Thomas rang the fifth to a peal of Grandsire Caters. The treble was rung by Reginald Brough (listed on the roll as South Croydon, St Peter’s ringer), and Stephen Godin was on the tenor. RW2
Circa 5 November 1922 Quarter peals Two quarter peals are reported on p780 of The Ringing World of 8 December 1922. The first was at Carshalton, on 5 November, a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples in which Thomas rang the fourth. Curiously it is stated that the ringers of the treble, sixth and seventh were Beddington ringers, and the quarter was rung at Carshalton as the tower at Beddington was cracked. Then there is an undated quarter of Grandsire Triples at Beddington in which Thomas rang the tenor. RW3
On 5 August 1923 Touch Thomas rang the third to a touch of 720 Plain Bob Minor. RW4
On 11 November 1923 Quarter peal Thomas rang the fourth to a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples for Remembrance Day, with his son Edward on the treble. It was Edward’s first quarter peal. RW5
On 2 December 1923 Quarter peal Thomas rang the third to a quarter peal of Plain Bob Major, with son Edward again on the treble. RW6
On 13 February 1924 Peal Thomas rang the fourth to a peal of Grandsire Triples, with son Edward again on the treble, ringing his first peal. A footnote states that all eight ringers were regular Sunday service ringers at Beddington. RW7
On 1 July 1924 Peal Thomas rang the treble to a peal of Grandsire Triples, with Edward this time on the third, ringing his first peal away from the treble. This marked the 55th anniversary of the opening of the bells in 1869, Charles Gordon, the last remaining member of the band who rang for the opening itself listened to the peal throughout. Edward rang another peal four days later, his first of caters. RW8
On 9 May 1925 Failed peal Thomas rang the tenor to an attempt at a peal of Grandsire Caters, with Edward again on the third. The ringing was half-muffled to mark the death of fellow ringer Charles Gordon. The peal failed just four courses from the end, after 3 hours, 10 minutes ringing. Frederick George Woodiss rang the fourth, and William Henry Joiner, of Mitcham, the fifth. RW9
On 21 October 1947 Death Thomas Arthur Talbot died on 21 October 1947. Probate was granted to Edward George Talbot and his sister Marjorie Annie de Freitas (nee Talbot: it is not clear why Dora was not also included) on 24 January 1948. Thomas had been living at 4 Camden House, Guy Road, Wallington. His estate was valued at £1679 11s 11d. FreeBMD17; Probate



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Military records

  1. SRR: The Surrey Recruitment Registers, Surrey History Centre reference 2496/8 (Volume 8 page 183). For more details see the description of the collection at the Surrey History Centre, transcripts are available on CD from the Surrey History Trust and also on FindMyPast

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