Albert Boxall

This page attempts to set out the key events of Albert Boxall’s life, with detailed references. See the bottom of the page for automatically generated links to blog posts which refer to this page. There is a small chance that the man named on the roll is actually his elder brother Alfred, whose life is also covered on this page.

Personal life

Born: 7? December 1891 At: East Molesey, Surrey
Birth registered: 1st quarter 1892 Kingston Registration District
Died: ? At: ?
Death registered: ? ?
Aged: ?


Learnt to ring: ? Association membership: Surrey Association Elected: ?
Peals: ?


Occupation (1911): Fishmonger

War service

Service: Army Rank: Private Enlisted: 30 May 1916
Corps: Suffolk Regiment Subunit: ? Number: ?
Campaign medals: None

Life events

Date Modifier Date Event Description/Notes Sources
Before 31 December 1876 Parents’ marriage Alfred Boxall and Sarah Budgen, registered 4th quarter 1876, Brighton Registration District, Sussex FreeBMD1; FreeBMD2
Before 31 March 1877 Birth of Brother Alfred Anthony Boxall, born Brighton, Sussex, registered 1st quarter 1877, Brighton Registration District. While living with his parents on the 1881 and 1891 censuses he is shown as being born in Brighton FreeBMD3; Census1881; Census1891
Before 31 March 1880 Move The 1881 census shows that while Alfred Anthony was born in Brighton, where his parents had married, the second child of the family would be born in Cowfold, which was where they were still living in 1881. Census1881
Before 31 March 1880 Birth of sister Ellen Blanche Boxall, born Cowfold, Sussex, registered 1st quarter 1880, Cuckfield Registration District FreeBMD4; Census1881
On 3 April 1881 Census The family of Alfred (aged 26, born Leigh, Surrey) a coachman; his wife Sarah (aged 24, born Portsmouth, Hampshire); and their first two children, Alfred Anthony, (aged 4, born Brighton), and Ellen Blanche (aged 1, born Cowfold, Sussex) were living at “Henfield Road On Gratwick” in Cowfold. Census1881
Before 30 June 1882 Birth of brother Walter Boxall, born East Molesey, Surrey, there are actually two registrations for the births of Walter Boxalls in the Kingston Registration District in 1882, one in the 1st quarter, and one in the 2nd quarter 1877. The registration indices for this period do not show the mother’s maiden name, so without ordering the certificates themselves it is impossible to determine which is the correct one. FreeBMD5; FreeBMD6; Census1891
Before 31 December 1884 Birth of Sister Eliza Mary Boxall, born East Molesey, Surrey, registered 4th quarter 1884, Kingston Registration District FreeBMD7; Census1891
Before 30 June 1887 Birth of sister Rose Alice Boxall, born East Molesey, Surrey registered 2nd quarter 1887, Kingston Registration District FreeBMD8; Census1891
Between 6-31 December 1890 Birth of sister Florence Emily Boxall, born East Molesey registered 4th quarter 1890, Kingston Registration District. She is shown in the 1891 census as being 3 months, so must have been born after 5 December. FreeBMD9; Census1891
On 5 April 1891 Census By 1891 the family were living at Bell Road, East Molesey. Alfred (sr) was now 35 and a gardener domestic, Sarah (34), Alfred (jr) (14), Ellen (11), Walter (9), Eliza (6), Rose (4) and Florence (3 months) made up the rest of the household. Census1891
Approximately 7 December 1891 Birth Albert Boxall was born in East Molesey, registered in the 1st quarter 1892, in the Kingston Registration District. A peal rung at Beddington on 7 December 1912, with “Albert Boxall junr” ringing the treble to his first peal of caters is described as being “Rung as a birthday compliment to A Boxall junr”. FreeBMD10; Census1901; RW1
Before 31 March 1898 Move The 1901 census shows that Lilian Boxall was born in Wallington (Croydon Registration District) so the family must have moved before her birth FreeBMD11; Census1901
Before 31 March 1898 Birth of sister The birth of Lillian Boxall was registered in the 1st quarter 1898, in the Croydon Registration District, Middlesex. The 1901 census states she was born in Wallington. FreeBMD11; Census1901
On 31 March 1901 Census Albert Boxall aged 9, residing with his family at a cottage in the grounds of the Old Manor House. Alfred (sr) is now aged 41 and a gardener, Sarah is 40. Of the children, also living there are Eliza (16), Rose (14), Florence (10) and Lilian (3). Alfred (jr) has not been traced, Walter appears to be married and living in Hampshire, and Ellen is working as a live-in cook elsewhere in Wallington. Census1901
On 2 April 1911 Census Albert Boxall, aged 19, fishmonger, living at 2 Manor House Cottage, Wallington, Surrey. Also residing there were his parents Alfred (54), domestic gardener, and his mother Sarah (52); and sisters Eliza (26) housemaid domestic, Rose (24) Lady Help (domestic) [sic], Florence (20) tobacconist’s assistant, and Lilly (13) school. The return also shows that Alfred and Sarah had been married 34 and had nine children, eight of them still living. It’s not been possible to determine when the ninth child was born and died, but it must have been between censuses, as the other eight children have all been identified. Census1911
On 2 November 1912 Peal There is a record of Albert Boxall ringing the treble to a peal of Bob Major at Beddington on 2 November 1912. It was his first peal in the method and he was elected to the Royal Cumberland Youths before the peal. RW2
On 7 December 1912 Peal “Albert Boxall junr” rang the treble to a peal of Grandsire Caters at Beddington on 7 December 1912. It was his first peal of caters. Recorded as ringing as Albert Boxall senr. There seems to be some confusion in the writing up. The footnotes also indicate that the peal was rung to celebrate the [21st] birthday of Albert junr, suggesting he was born around 7 December 1891, which is consistent with the birth registration. RW1
On 22 June 1913 Quarter peal A Boxall jr is recorded as ringing the treble to a peal of Grandsire Caters at Beddington on 22 June 1913. A Boxall sr rang the third. RW3
On 31 October 1913 Peal 31 October 1913 saw a peal of Grandsire Triples at Benhilton. Albert Boxall on the treble and his father Alfred on the third. Also ringing was John Webb, listed as a Benhilton ringer on the roll of honour. RW4
On 28 June 1914 Quarter peal A Boxall jr is recorded as ringing the treble to a peal of Grandsire Caters at Beddington on 28 June 1913. A Boxall sr rang the third. RW5



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The Ringing World

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