Robert Ingate George

This page sets out the key events of Robert Ingate George’s life, with detailed references. See the bottom of the page for automatically generated links to blog posts which refer to this page.

Personal life

Born: Before 30 June 1877 At: Occold, Suffolk
Birth registered: 2nd quarter 1877 Hartismere Registration District
Died: On 26 June 1957 At: Hornchurch?
Death registered: 2nd quarter 1957 Romford Registration District
Aged: 80


Learnt to ring: ? Association membership: Surrey Association Elected: ?


Occupation (1891): Agricultural labourer
Occupation (1901): Gardener domestic
Occupation (1911): Chauffeur/Groom domestic
Occupation (1916): Chauffeur

War service

Service: Army Rank: Private Enlisted: 30 May 1916
Corps: Army Service Corps Subunit: Motor Transport (company unknown) Number: M2/191580
Campaign medals: British War Medal and Victory Medal

Life events

Date Modifier Date Event Description/Notes Sources
Before 30 September 1873 Parents’ marriage James George and Maria Louisa Hunt, registered 3rd quarter 1873, Hartismere Registration District, Suffolk FreeBMD1; FreeBMD2
Before 30 September 1873 Birth of Sister Harriet Florence [or Florence Harriett in birth index] George, born Occold, Suffolk, registered 3rd quarter 1873, Hartismere Registration District FreeBMD3; Census1881
Before 30 September 1875 Birth of sister Caroline Annie [or Anna in birth index] George, born Occold, Suffolk, registered 3rd quarter 1875, Hartismere Registration District FreeBMD4; Census1881
Before 30 June 1877 Birth Robert Ingate George, registered 2nd quarter 1877, Hartismere Registration District. FreeBMD5; Census1881
Before 31 December 1879 Move The 1881 census shows that the first three children were born in Occold (their mother’s birthplace too), while the fourth child was born in Thornham Parva, so the family must have moved. Census1881
Before 31 December 1879 Birth of sister Christiana George, born Thornham Parva, Suffolk, registered 4th quarter 1879, Hartismere Registration District FreeBMD6; Census1881
On 3 April 1881 Census Robert Ingate George aged 3, residing 3 Bull Road, Thornham Parva, Suffolk. With parents James (26), groom domestic and Maria Louisa (26); older sisters Harriet Florence (7) and Caroline Annie (6); and younger sister Christiana (1). Census1881
Before 30 September 1882 Birth of brother James William George, born Thornham Parva, Suffolk, registered 3rd quarter 1882, Hartismere Registration District FreeBMD7; Census1891
Before 30 September 1885 Move The 1891 census shows that Christian and James William were born in Thornham Parva, while the sixth and seventh children were born in Beenham, Berkshire, so the family must have moved. Census1891
Before 30 September 1885 Birth of brother Edgar Louis [or Lewis] George, born Beenham, Berkshire registered 3rd quarter 1885, Bradfield Registration District FreeBMD8; Census1891
Before 31 December 1887 Birth of sister Hilda Mary George, born Beenham, Berkshire registered 4th quarter 1887, Bradfield Registration District FreeBMD9; Census1891
On 5 April 1891 Census Robert Ingate George aged 13, agricultural labourer, residing Park Farm, Beenham, Goring, Berkshire. With parents James (36), now listed as agricultural labourer, and Maria (36). The older sisters, Harriet and Caroline, were not residing with the family, they would now have been 17 and 16 so could well be in service or similar. The younger siblings are listed as Christiana (11), William (8), Lewis (5) and Hilda (3). Census1891
On 31 March 1901 Census Robert Ingate George aged 23, boarding, gardener domestic, 5 St Mathews Rd, Ealing. The other two people in the house were William and Adelaide Robinson, both aged 38. William was a milk carrier. Census1901
Before 30 September 1907 Marriage Robert Ingate George married Kate Cecilia Beecroft, the marriage was registered in the 3rd quarter 1907, in the Tendring Registration District, Essex. Beecroft was born in Fingringhoe, Essex (in the Fingringhoe Registration District). FreeBMD10; FreeBMD11; Census1911
Before 30 September 1908 Birth of daughter The birth of Cecilia May George was registered in the 3rd quarter 1908, in the Brentford Registration District, Middlesex. The 1911 census states she was born in Twickenham. FreeBMD12; Census1911
On 2 April 1911 Census Robert Ingate George aged 33, Groom/Chauffeur domestic, residing Rose Cottage, Buckland, Reigate, Surrey. With him were his wife Kate Cecilia (26) and their only child Cecilia May (2). Census1911
Before 30 September 1912 Birth of son The birth of Leslie R George was registered in the 3rd quarter 1912, in the Reigate Registration District, Surrey. FreeBMD13; Census1911
On 30 May 1916 Enlisted The Surrey Recruitment Registers record that he joined up on 30 May 1916, going to the Army Service Corps. He was recorded as being 40 yrs 0 months old – which is not consistent with his age as given in the various censuses (it might just fit with the birth registration – he could have been born as early as 1866). He is described as a chauffeur, born Occold, Suffolk, 5’6.75″ tall, 130 lbs, 36″ chest with 2.5″ expansion. Attested Weybridge, address Woodhaven Road, Weybridge. He probably joined up under the Derby Scheme and had actually volunteered towards the end of 1915, but was only called up in May 1916 – the entries around him show a wide variety of attestation dates, but the register was usually filled in when the man first presented himself. Not much is known of his subsequent service, no service record has been traced, and while there is a medal index card which indicates he did serve in a theatre of war (since he received both the Victory Medal and British War Medal), Army Service Corps medal rolls tend not to give much detail of the units an individual served with. However, a village roll of honour for Banstead tells us he served in France and Italy. SRR; MIC
On 19 March 1921 Rededication of Banstead bells On 19 March 1921 the bells at Banstead were rededicated having been recast and rehung by Gillet and Johnston of Croydon. Woodiss and R I George were among the ringers formally admitted to the new band. First named was Captain F E D Acland, who had paid for the work. He came from a ringing family, but doesn’t seem to have been a ringer himself. RW1; RW2
On 22 October 1921 Peal 22 October 1921 saw the first peal on the new bells at Banstead, of Grandsire Triples. George was ringing the tenor, Woodiss was ringing the fourth, H F Ewins the treble, Major J H B Hesse the third and Alfred Winch. RW3
On 2 January 1932 Peal A peal of Grandsire Triples at Banstead with Robert I George on the seventh and his son Leslie on the Fifth. Frederick G Woodiss rang the treble and Albert E Cheesman the third. This is the first confirmation that Robert’s son also became a ringer. This peal was rung as a farewell as the George family was about to move to West Horsley. RW4
After 2 January 1932 Move The peal mentioned in the previous entry was rung as a farewell as the George family was about to move to West Horsley. RW4
On 26 June 1957 Death Robert Ingate George died, aged 80, on 26 June 1957. The death was registered in the 2nd quarter 1957, in the Romford Registration District, Essex. According to the National Probate Calendar he had been living at 117 Suttons Lane, Hornchurch. Administration of his was granted on 30 September to Leslie Robert George, motor mechanic, and Richard George Austin, civil servant. The estate was valued at £388 12s 7d. FreeBMD14; Probate



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National Probate Calendar, England and Wales

  1. Probate: Robert Ingate George, died 26 June 1957, administration 30 September 1957. (Subscription required)

Military records

  1. SRR: The Surrey Recruitment Registers, Surrey History Centre Reference 2496/41 (Volume 41 page 66). For more details see the description of the collection at the Surrey History Centre, transcripts are available on CD from the Surrey History Trust and also on FindMyPast
  2. MIC: Medal card of George, Robert I

The Ringing World

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