Banstead, All Saints

The following men who rang at All Saints, Banstead are recorded on the roll (both survived the war):

  • Private Robert Ingate George — Army Service Corps, Motor Transport. [Previously uncertain, now confirmed by information given in the comments below].
  • Serjeant Frederick George Woodiss — Grenadier Guards.  Seriously wounded 1916 [roll says 1917 – only moved to Banstead after the First World War, previously associated with Hersham].

As noted it initially proved difficult to connect R I George definitively with Banstead, though he was living in the Surrey area in 1911.  In the case of Woodiss there are plenty of mentions in The Ringing World to confirm the basic identification, but the Surrey tower most associated with him before the war is Hersham. The first mention he receives states he had joined the Royal Field Artillery, but every other source links him with Grenadier Guards.  He was in Banstead when he joined the Ancient Society of College Youths in 1923, so he presumably settled there post-war.

More information about the bells can be found on Banstead’s page on the Surrey Association website, or the bellringers’ page on the church website.

6 thoughts on “Banstead, All Saints

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  3. Lewis Wood

    Hello, Robert Ingate (Forenames) George (Surname) lived at Greenhayes in Banstead. He served in France and Italy and was a Private with the RASC (MT).

    This information comes from a specila book held by the parish which records all WWI men from Banstead who served overses in WWI. It includes men who were, kiiled, men who survived and men who were injured. George is shown as survived.
    Lewis Wood
    author of THESE MEN OF BANSTEAD – Stories from the War Memorial

  4. davidunderdown95 Post author

    Great, thanks Lewis, that ties it up nicely – I’ve update the page to reflect your information. He seems to have lived rather an unsettled life: each census from 1881 has him living somewhere different, none of them in Banstead. He may appear in the ringing newspapers, but I haven’t found any mention yet.


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