Hedley James Wyatt

This page sets out the key events of Hedley James Wyatt’s life, with detailed references. See the bottom of the page for automatically generated links to blog posts which refer to this page.

Personal life

Born: 23 February 1892 At: Ashtead
Birth registered: 1st quarter 1892 Epsom Registration District
Married: 23 October 1918 At: Ashtead
Marriage registered: 4th quarter 1918 Epsom Registration District
Married: May Perry
Died: Before 30 June 1964 At: ?
Death registered: 2nd quarter 1964 Surrey Mid Eastern Registration District
Aged: 72


Learnt to ring: Ashtead? Association membership: Surrey Association Elected: Before 1911


Occupation (1911): Clerk (Guardians’ Office)

War service

Service: Army Rank: Serjeant Enlisted: Before 4 December 1914
Regiment: East Surrey Regiment Battalion: 5th Battalion Number: ? (Reddick was 2837) Date:
201034 By 1 March 1917
London Regiment 1st Battalion 229606 25 September 1917
Posted Royal Fusiliers 26th Battalion
Campaign medals: British War Medal and Victory Medal

Life events

Date Modifier Date Event Description/Notes Sources
Before 30 September 1879 Parents’ marriage John Wyatt and Anne Eliza Batchelor (forename elsewhere given as Annie), registered 3rd quarter 1879, Hemel Hempstead Registration District FreeBMD1; FreeBMD2
Before 3 July 1880 Birth of brother John Batchelor Wyatt, registered 3rd quarter 1880, Epsom Registration District. He is said to be 9 months old when the 1881 census was taken on 3 April 1881 FreeBMD3; Census1881
On 3 April 1881 Census John (26, born Ashtead) Smith, and Annie (25, born King’s Langley) living with his father George (65), wheelwright employing 3 men and boy. John [Batchelor] Wyatt is 9 months old. There is also a servant, Annie Anscombe (14). Census1881
On 13 July 1883 Birth of sister Annie Amelia Wyatt was born on 13 July 1883 according to the baptismal register. The birth was registered 3rd quarter 1883, Epsom Registration District. She was baptised at Ashtead on 2 September, her father is listed as a blacksmith. FreeBMD4; Census1901; SurreyParish1
On 23 February 1892 Birth Hedley James Wyatt was born on 23 February 1892 according to the baptismal register, registered 3rd quarter 1892, Epsom Registration District. A peal report in 1913 states that a peal on 22 February was “Rung in honour of the 21st birthday of Mr. James Wyatt, son of Mr. John Wyatt, captain of the Ashstead band”, but that was presumably the closest day they could get a band together. He was baptised on 17 April 1892 at Ashtead, his father again described as a blacksmith. FreeBMD5; Census1901; RW1; SurreyParish2
On 31 March 1901 Census Hedley J Wyatt aged 9, residing Rectory Lane with parents John (45) coachsmith (employer), and Annie E (44); and older brother John Batchelor (20), wheelwright Census1901
On 2 April 1911 Census Hedley James Wyatt aged 19, clerk (Guardians’ Office – presumably referring to the Board of Guardians who ran the local workhouse just over the parish border in Epsom), residing The Chestnuts, Rectory Lane, with parents John (55), blacksmith (employer), and Eliza (54), married 31 years 3 children, all living Census1911
On 7 November 1911 Peal Hedley James Wyatt rang a peal, of Grandsire Triples, on the treble and his father John on the fourth. George Cook was on the second with his father William on the third. William Henry Corbett (not clear if father or son) was on the fifth. RW2
On 4 December 1912 Peal Wyatt rang the treble to a peal of Grandsire Triples, with his father on the second. George Cook rang the seventh with his father on the fourth, William H Corbett was more on the sixth, but it is again unclear if was father or son, he was conducting, so the father is probably more likely. For a confirmation service in the church. Stated to be a local band peal. RW3
On 28 April 1913 Peal Wyatt rang the treble to a peal, of Grandsire Triples, with his father on the third. George Cook was on the fifth, with his father William on the tenor. Richard Kendall was on the seventh. “Rung in honour of the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. William Cook; also as a birthday compliment to Mrs. John Wyatt.” RW4
On 24 November 1913 Peal Another peal of Grandsire Triples, with Wyatt ringing the treble. George Cook was ringing the second and his father the third, also ringing were Richard Kendall on the third, and Alfred Winch on the 6th. The peal was to mark the birthday of John Wyatt. RW5
On 23 February 1914 Peal Another peal of Grandsire Triples, with James Wyatt on the treble. George Cook was ringing the sixth. William Cook rang the third, William H Corbett the second and conducted. Richard Kendall on the seventh. Peal rung to mark George’s 21st birthday (and also the birthday of Hedley James Wyatt). RW6
Before 4 December 1914 Enlistment James B Wyatt[sic] reported to have joined 5th (Reserve) Battalion, East Surrey Regiment (Territorial Force) and stationed at Wimbledon. George A Cooke[sic] and Sidney Readick[sic] also reported with same service details. Presumably actually fellow Ashtead ringers George Albert Cook and Sydney Reddick. The service number he was given on enlistment is unknown, that of Reddick was 2837, and Reddick is also known to have enlisted at Wimbledon. RW3; SDGW
Before 1 March 1917 Renumbered In the renumbering of the Territorial Force which took place in early 1917, Wyatt was given the new number 201034 MIC; BWM&VMRoll; TFRenumber
On 16 September 1917 Posted to BEF Still on the books of 5th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment, Reddick entered the France and Flanders theatre of war on this date. Probably posted to 30 Infantry Base Depot. MIC; BWM&VMRoll; ServiceRecEAM
On 25 September 1917 Transferred to 1st Battalion, the London Regiment, posted 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers Reddick now joined a frontline fighting unit, 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; though for some official purposes related to his status as a member of the Territorial Force he was actually a member of 1st Battalion, the London Regiment. His new service number, 229606, was in the block used by that battalion. The battalion was then based in the Franch village of Borre, just west of the town of Hazebrouck. MIC; BWM&VMRoll; ServiceRecEAM; TFRenumber; WarDiary1
In November 1917 Battalion move As part of 124 Infantry Brigade, 41st Division; 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers was transferred from France to the Italian Front during November 1917 WarDiary1; WarDiary2
On 2 March 1918 Battalion move As part of 124 Infantry Brigade, 41st Division; 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers was transferred back to France from the Italian Front entraining at Villa Franca on 2 March 1918 WarDiary3
On 7 March 1918 Battalion move Battalion detrains at Mondicourt on 7 March 1918. Then marches to Sus-Saint-Leger, east of Arras WarDiary3
On 21 March 1918-22 March 1918 Battalion move Entrained at Saulty Station late on 21 March 1918 from where they had been due to move to a training area, instead due to the German Spring Offensive beginning early on 21 March they were diverted to the front, and detrained at Achiet-le-Grand (south of Arras) at 0400, 22 March, and then marched to Favreuil (just north of Bapaume) arriving at 0530, 22 March. WarDiary3
On 25 March 1918 battalion withdrawal Having arrived at Bapaume on 22 March, the battalion, along with the rest of 124 Infantry Brigade took up defensive positions, constructing three lines of trenches north east of Beugnatre. By the night of 22/23 March these trenches were fully occupied by the brigade. Strong German attacks began on 23 March, with 26 Battalion, Royal Fusiliers initially being in support, with C company being sent to reinforce 20th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. The rest of the battalion was drawn into the fighting on 24 March. From late on 24 March the brigade was forced to fall back several times. During some part of these actions Wyatt’s friend, Sydney Reddick, was fatally wounded. In actions from 22-31 March 1918 the battalion war diary records: 3 officers, 38 other ranks, killed; 19 officers, 127 other ranks, wounded; 1 officer, 102 other ranks, missing. WarDiary3
On 3 September 1918 Posted Wyatt left the Royal Fusiliers, and probably returned to the UK, as his medal roll entry shows no further service in a theatre of war. This may mean he had been wounded. MIC
Before 23 October 1918 Marriage Hedley James Wyatt (26) and May Perry (26) married at Ashtead on 23 October 1918. Tha marriage was registered 4th quarter 1918, Epsom Registration District. His occupation is given as soldier, his father as blacksmith. May’s father was Richard Thomas Charles Perry, a mental nurse. FreeBMD6; FreeBMD7; SurreyParish3
On 29 December 1923 Peal Another peal of Grandsire Triples, with Wyatt on the treble and his father, John, on the second. George Cook rang the seventh and William Cook the fourth. The peal was to mark the 50th anniversary of the peal rung for the re-dedication of the bells in 1873. John Wyatt also rang in the original peal. Wyatt had to be re-elected a member of the Surrey Association before this appeal, perhaps implying he had not been ringing that much in the preceding years. RW7; RW8
Before 30 June 1964 Death Death of Hedley J Wyatt, registered 2nd quarter 1964, Surrey Mid Eastern Registration District. FreeBMD8



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Surrey Parish Records

  1. SurreyParish1: Baptism of Annie Amelia Wyatt, 2 September 1883, Ashtead. SHC ref ATDGIL/3/2 Page 97 (subscription required)
  2. SurreyParish2: Baptism of Hedley James Wyatt, 17 April 1892, Ashtead. SHC ref ATDGIL/3/2 Page 129 (subscription required)
  3. SurreyParish3: Marriage of Hedley James Wyatt and May Perry, 23 October 1918, Ashtead. SHC ref ATDGIL/2/2/4 Page 69 (subscription required)


  1. Census1881: RG 11/761 Folio 20 Page 34 Schedule Number 164 – Wyatt household, Headley Road, Ashtead (Subscription required)
  2. Census1891: RG 12/546 Folio 23, Page 40, Schedule Number 248 – Wyatt household, Headley Road, Ashtead
  3. Census1901: RG 13/582 Folio 16 Page 24 Schedule Number 129 – Wyatt household, Rectory Lane, Ashtead
  4. Census1911: RG 14/2948 RG 78/102 Registration District 31 Subdistrict 2 Enumeration District 1 Schedule Number 155 – Wyatt household, The Chestnuts, Rectory Lane, Ashtead

The Ringing World

  1. RW1: 28 February 1913, p144
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  8. RW8: 18 January 1924, p36
  9. RW9: 4 January 1924, p8

Military records

  1. MIC: Medal card of Wyatt, Hedley J
  2. BWM&VMRoll: WO 329/1905 – 1st London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) other ranks, British War Medal and Victory Medal p601 page image here.
  3. SDGW: Soldiers Died in the Great War: Reddick, Sydney originally published by the War Office the link is to an online version hosted by ancestry.co.uk for which a subscription is required
  4. ServiceRecEAM: British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920 Record for Edward Arthur Mead, WO 363 hosted by ancestry.co.uk (subscription required). Mead is listed on the same page of the medal roll as Wyatt. While Wyatt’s service record does not survive, Mead’s allows us to reconstruct some of the wartime history of this group of men. In particular his “Casualty Form – Active Service” shows that Mead was posted to 30 Infantry Base Depot (IBD) on arrival in France, and then posted directly to 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. The Royal Fusiliers had no Territorial Force (TF) battalions, an though most terms of service had been equalised by this stage of the war, TF men generally
    had to remain in TF units. The London Regiment was an all TF unit, and many of its battalions were affiliated to the Royal Fusiliers (aka the City of London Regiment). In order to maintain their TF status, this batch of men were put on the books of 1st (City of London) Battalion, the London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) for records purposes, but saw active service only with 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers.
  5. TFRenumber: This article from The Long, Long Trail explains how the 1917 renumbering of the Territorial Force was applied to infantry units.
  6. WarDiary1: WO 95/2644/1 – War Diary 26 battalion, Royal Fusiliers: May 1916-October 1917. Available for download as part of parent piece WO 95/2644 (fee payable).
  7. WarDiary2: WO 95/4243 – War Diary 26 battalion, Royal Fusiliers: November 1917 – February 1918. Not available for download.
  8. WarDiary3: WO 95/2644/2 – War Diary 26 battalion, Royal Fusiliers: March 1918-September 1919. Available for download as part of parent piece WO 95/2644 (fee payable).

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