The Roll transcribed

The following is a straightforward transcription of the roll.  I’ve simplified punctuation slightly, removing full stops in abbreviated unit names and after initials; and having no physical constraints on length I’ve put each name on a separate line for clarity, but I have not corrected (or otherwise edited) any text.

In Memoriam 1914-18

The following members of the Surrey Association gave their lives for King and Country in the war

Ashtead (St Giles):-

            Reddick, S, L/Sergt, 26th Royal Fusiliers; Died of Wounds, 1918.

Benhilton (All Saints):-

            Webb, J, Sergt-Maj, ASC; Died November 1918.

            Rayner, S, Private, E Surrey; Killed November 1918.

Burstow (St Bartholomew):-

            Stonor, A, Bombdr, RFA; Killed.

            Varo, C, RGA; Died of Wounds.

            Mark, E W, RGA; Killed.

            Kew, G, Queens; Missing.

Carshalton (All Saints):-

            Pickering, F, 16th KRR; Missing.

Godstone (St Nicholas):-

            Roberts, A,  Middlesex; Killed.

Hersham (St Peter):-

            Edser G B, 2nd R. Irish Rifles; Killed.

            Hamblin, E, 3rd Auckland; Killed.

Merstham (St Catherine):-

            Abbott, J, Private, Grenadier Guards; Killed.

            Morley, E, Bedfords; Killed.

Mitcham (St Peter and St Paul):-

            Drewett, D W, Private, Cam High; Killed Oct 3, 1918, Pontruet.

            Morris, B, Private Cold Gds; Killed Nov 28, 1917.

            Smith, S, Private, E Surrey; Killed March 18, 1917.

Nutfield (St Peter and St Paul):-

            Bashford, A, Seaman, HMS “Good Hope”; Killed, 1914.

Redhill (St John):-

            Streeter, A, Sergt, MGC; Died of Wounds, October 1916.

            Dennis, H, Private, R W Surrey; Killed.

            Maynard, W, Private, R W Surrey; Killed.

Reigate (St Mary Magdalene):-

            Dewey, H J, Private, RAMC; Drowned.

            Smith, W F, Corporal, R Horse Gds; Killed.

Streatham (Immanuel):-

            Attwater E, Lieut, MGC; Killed, 1918.

Streatham (St Leonard):-

            Lee, W C, L/Corpl, Suffolk Reg; Killed, 1916.

 They Died that We might Live.

The names here given are those of members of the Surrey Association, who, when the call came, joined forces with other Members of the British Empire to fight for home and freedom.  For right against might.

Ashtead (St Giles):-

            Wyatt, H J, Sergt Inst, 26th Royal Fusiliers.

            Cook, G A, Corporal, 21st City of London.

            Corbett, H W, Jr, R M Artillery, HMS Achilles.

Banstead (All Saints):-

            George, R I, Private, RASC.

            Woodiss, F G, Sergt, Grenadier Guards. Wounded, 1917.

Beddington (St Mary):-

            Boxall, A, Private, Suffolk Regt.

            Godin, S, L/Corpl, KRR.

            Talbot, T A, Corporal, R Engineers.

Benhilton (All Saints):-

            Hodges, W, Pt, 1st R S Fusiliers; Wounded, 1914

            Rayner, G, Private, R Fusiliers.

Bletchingley (St Mary):-

            Mayne, W, Private, RDC.

            Potter, G, Private, A E Artizan.

            Mayne, W J, Sergt, R W Surrey.

            Goodwin, L F, Private, Labour Corps.

            Balcomb, F G, Sapper, IWDRE.

            Wilson, W, Private, RAMC.

            Coppard, T J, Private 5th Queens.

            Kirby, G, Signaller, RGA.

            Wren, H, Private, 16th Manchester.

            Weeke, J, Driver, RFA.

            Plumridge, S, Private, 10th Lancers.

Burstow (St Bartholomew):-

            Harman, A, Sergt, RGA.

            Harman, F, Corporal, RGA.

            Sherlock, M, RFA.

            Sherlock, J, RASC.

            Humphrey, W, 2nd AM, RAF.

            Penfold, L, RAF.

            Kew, H, R Irish Rifles.

Carshalton (All Saints):-

            Stanley, H, RASC.

Croydon (St John):-

            Elliott, E, Corporal, 9th R Warwicks.

            Johnston, C F, R Fusiliers P S Bt.

Croydon (St Peter):-

            Brough, R, AM, RNAS.

            Rowe, W, Sapper, RE.

            Garfath, L F,  Sergt, RAF.

Charlwood (St Nicholas):-

            Ellis, G, Sergt, RAF.

            Ellis, S, Private, R Sussex.

            Wickens, G Jun, Corporal, RAF.

            Sippetts, O, Corporal, Leinster Regt.

            Knapp, A, Private, RASC,

Dorking (St Martin):-

            Baker, A, Private, R W Surrey.

            Pressling, E, Private, Middlesex.

            Hills, W, Private, R W Surrey; Prisoner.

            Carr, A, Sergt, RFC.

            Russel, J, Lieutenant, RE.

            Sitch, J, Sergt, RFA.

Egham (St John):-

            Gigg, F E, Lance Corporal, 7 City of London; Wounded.

            Filewood, G, Private, 6th E Surrey.

            Perkins, F, Private, RAMC.

            Seammell, W, Private, Labour Corps.

Epsom (Christchurch):-

            Robinson, W, Gunner, RFA, 55th Brigade.

            Fisher, A, Private, Bedfords.

            Mann, F J, Corporal, R W Surrey.

            Mann, A, Driver, RFA.

            Harris, T, Private, R W Surrey.

            Oakshott, F G, Private, Royal Fusiliers; Wounded.

            Kendall, R, Corporal, Bedfords; Wounded 3 times.

Epsom (St Martin):-

            Lamprill, J M, Sergt, MGC; Disabled.

            Young, A D, Private, E Surrey.

            Coleman, A.

            Coldman, F.

            Hart J W, Private, Labour Corps.

Ewell (St Mary):-

            Lauer, F, Private, RASC; Wounded.

            Beams, Jesse, Private, 16th Essex.

Godstone (St Nicholas):-

            Humphrey, J, Sergt, R W Surrey.

            Beeson, W T, Gunner, RGA.

            Humphrey, W H, 1/6th E Surrey.

            Humphrey, A D, R Corps of Signals.

Hersham (St Peter):-

            Loveridge, J, Private, 4th E Surrey.

            Woodrow, W R, Captain, R Engineers (ROC).

Horley (St Bartholomew):-

            Lanaway, E S, Private, R Fusiliers; Wounded.

            Sadler, F, Sapper, R Engineers.

Kingston-on-Thames (All Saints):-

            Hesse J H B, Major, RASC.

            Naish, G E, Corporal, RAMC.

            Howes, J H, Private, MGA; Wounded 1917.

            Duffell, W, Private, RLDC.

Leatherhead (St Mary and St Nicholas):-

            Winch, A H, Private, Labour Corps.

            Otway, W E, Private, R W Surrey.

            Otway, A C, Corporal, 5th E Surrey.

            Marriner, G H F, Sig Sergt, 5th E Surrey.

            Newnham, T, Sergt, 1st Welsh.

            Marks, H, Private, Rifle Brigade.

Limpsfield Chart (St Andrew):-

            Tidy, E E, Private, 2nd R W Kent.

            Tidy, H F H, Driver, RE.

            Tidy, P C, Private, 5th R W Kent.

            Firmager, T, Sapper, RE.

            Firmager, A, Gunner, RGA.

            Clinch, C W, Private, R W Surrey.

Mitcham (St Peter and St Paul):-

            Tilley, F, QM Sergt, RFA.

            Calver, A G, Gunner, RFA.

            Joiner, W H, R W Surrey.

            Foster, S, Private, Rifle Brigade.

Mitcham (Christchurch):-

            Brewin, A R, Private, 23rd London Regt; Wounded.

            Crossley, W, Sergt, RAF.

            Dewdney, H I, Gunner, RFA; Wounded.

            Druett, H C, Lieut, E Surrey.

            Druett, H, Private, Tank Corps.

            Hall, D, Private, E Surrey.

            Jennings, J S T, Private, E Surrey.

            Jennings, A M, Private, RAMC.

            Miller, A, Sapper, R Engineers.

            Parslow, P, 1st A Mech, RAF.

            Parslow, A, Private, RAMC.

            Parslow, J W, Sergt, 15th City of London; Wounded.

            Rabbetts, P, Sergt, R Sussex.

Nutfield (St Peter and St Paul):-

            Cheeseman, W, Bombdr, RGA.

            Cheeseman, A E, Private, RE.

            Wood, A E, 2nd A Mech, RAF.

            Huggett, A, Private, Labour Corps.

            Elphick, G E, Corporal, ASC.

Redhill (St John):-

            Edwards, H, S/S RASC.

            Streeter, W, Private, R W Surrey.

Reigate (St Mary Magdalene):-

            Bennett, H, Private, RAOC

            Ewins, H F, 2nd A Mech, RAF

            Hoad, G F, Sapper, R Engineers.

            Hoad, H A, Gunner, RGA.

            Judd, J H, Private, R W Surrey.

Streatham (Immanuel):-

            Mardell, W E, Sapper, RE; Wounded.

            Foreman, R B, Private, 3rd R Sussex.

            Lidiard, G, Private, E Surrey.

            Daniels, H F, RAF

Streatham (St Leonard):-

            Mitchell, F G, Lieutenant, RGA; Wounded 1918.

            Attwater, F N, Sergt, R Sussex.

            Attwater, I J, Private, RASC.

            Bradley, A, Private, MGC.

            Chapman, J W, Private, RASC.

Wimbledon (St Mary):-

            Rapson, R, Sapper, R Marine Engineers.

            de Vulder, W, Innis Fus.

            Howard, S, Sergt-Major, RAF.

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