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Leatherhead, St Mary and St Nicholas – Winchy and Marriner

Six men from SS Mary and Nicholas, Leatherhead served during the course of the war. Their number includes probably two of the highest profile ringers listed on the original roll Alfred Henry Winch (Winchy) and George Harry Fordham Marriner. Winch taught Marriner to ring in the early years of the 20th century, and thereafter they rang many peals together over the next 60 years winning Leatherhead an international reputation among ringers. Marriner is reported to have been quite shy and retiring, while Winchy was quite the opposite!

While Harry Marks himself doesn’t seem to have had a huge reputation as a ringer, his family had been involved in ringing at Leatherhead since at least 1795 when his great-grandfather rang in a peal of 6528 changes of Oxford Treble Bob Major. Of the two Otway brothers, it would appear that William Ernest Otway may have been the better-known ringer, he had an obituary in The Ringing World while Arthur Charles Otway did not. William was said to have rung about 40 peals, and to be a member of the Surrey Association, Winchester Diocesan Guild, Royal Cumberland Youths and the St Margaret’s Westminster Association. So far the least is known of the final man, Thomas Newnham.