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Beddington page updated

Reviewing my research notes, I realised that I had omitted Corporal T A Talbot, Royal Engineers from the Beddington page entirely the other day. Also that the situation regarding S Godin, though still far from certain, that two men living nearby in 1911 (though not apparently related) were both called Stephen Walter Godin. The older of the two, from New Malden, was 28 in 1911 and working for the family ship broking firm, he appears to have been commissioned into the Royal Naval Air Service and subsequently the RAF so it is unlikely to be him. The other, the son of an upholsterer, was only 11 in 1911 which make explain why there does not appear to be a medal card to help tie down the service. Godin was not a common name in the UK, so hopefully some evidence will emerge from ringing records to help further.