There were several Guildford towers (though of course the cathedral did not yet exist). It is not always clear from the available records with which tower each man was associated, so they will be listed together on this page, with an indication of specific tower if known. Nine, or possibly ten ringers, are listed in contemporary reports as having had their home tower in Guildford.

  • Private Albert Victor Burdock † Missing, Presumed Killed, 3 December 1917 — ?Royal Army Medical Corps?; 96 Company, Machine Gun Corps. Holy Trinity, Guildford [Initial reports state he was serving with RAMC, CWGC record mentions only MGC service. Brother of Charles Nicholls Burdock and Harry Burdock below.]
  • Private Robert William Melville † Died of Wounds, 20 September 1918 — 9th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders).
  • Charles Nicholls Burdock — Civil Service Rifles. Holy Trinity, Guildford. [Brother of Albert Victor Burdock above and Harry Burdock below.]
  • Harry Burdock — ?Royal Army Medical Corps; Civil Service Rifles?. Holy Trinity, Guildford. [Different reports give conflicting information on his unit. Brother of Albert Victor Burdock and Charles Nicholls Burdock above.]
  • Lance Corporal W B Clarke — Royal Engineers. Originally a Guildford ringer, he had subsequently moved to Hemel Hempstead.
  • F Daniels or J Daniels — 5th Battalion, the Queen’s Royal West Surrey. Holy Trinity, Guildford. [Conflicting reports as to first initial.]
  • Private Clarence H Dobbie — Army Ordnance Corps; Army Service Corps. Holy Trinity, Guildford. [Only the first report mentions AOC, all other reports indicate he served with ASC.]
  • S L Hills — 5th Battalion, the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Holy Trinity, Guildford.
  • Reverend E C Kirwan — St Mary’s Guildford. [Not clear if he was actually a ringer, he may have been an ex officio member of the Winchester Diocesan Guild as Rector of St Mary’s.]
  • Gunner Alfred Henry Pulling — Royal Garrison Artillery. Holy Trinity, Guildford.
  • A H Whiting or A J Whiting — 2nd Battalion, the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Holy Trinity, Guildford. [Conflicting reports as to first initial.]

Guildford was also close to many of the training grounds, so several ringers are also recorded ringing in the town while stationed nearby. So far identified are Serjeant B S Thompson, 16th Battalion, Rifle Brigade (St Edward’s, Romford), recorded ringing handbells at St Michael’s, Joseph Road and the Grammar School; Private F S Hodgson, Army Service Corps (Whitby); Gunner J Harlow (Leek, Staffordshire); Staff Serjeant W C Wakley – all ringing at Holy Trinity; Private H Tomsett (Lindfield, Sussex) – ringing at St Nicholas’s.

Current information for the Guildford towers can be found on the Guildford Diocesan Guild website, St Nicholas’s, Holy Trinity and St Mary’s.

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