Missed from Merstham

I originally described Merstham as “the unluckiest tower” as it appeared that only two members had served, and both had been killed. However, looking again at the Roll as published in the annual report a few days ago, I suddenly realised that that version named four more men from Merstham who had all survived the war. Two of these were the elder brothers of Ernest Morley, one of the two men from Merstham who were killed, Alfred and Horace Morley. All three brothers were living together in 1911 in the household of the eldest, Alfred, and his wife Elizabeth, at 89 Albury Road, South Merstham. Alfred (26) was a gardener domestic, Horace (17) was also a gardener, Ernest (14) a baker’s assistant. Alfred served in the Suffolk Regiment. Horace, joined the cavalry, serving with the 3rd Hussars for most of the war. After the war he joined the Tank Corps, and continued serving until 1926, when he returned to South Merstham.

Alex Frederick Cheasley served in the Royal Navy, finishing the war aboard the destroyer HMS Tower. He was born in Merstham on 9 December 1896, he’d been working as a postman until he joined up on 16 March 1916. William Henry Etherington was a chauffeur in 1911, according to the roll he served in the Royal Army Service Corps, but so far official records have not found for certain. There are several William Etherington’s to be found in the Army Service Corps, but nothing to tie any one of them to Merstham. There is even one William H Etherington, but his service number suggests he served in the Horse Transport section, rather than the Motor Transport section as would be expected for a chauffeur.

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