Surrey parish records online help to fill a few gaps

A few weeks ago many of the parish registers now held at the Surrey History Centre in Woking were placed online in partnership with

I’ve started going back over the men for whom I’ve already completed individual pages, starting with Sydney Reddick and George Albert Cook. In these two cases the new records have been very useful in confirming details of parents’ marriages, and the baptismal records indicate dates of birth as well.

Some parish records for the ancient county of Surrey had already been placed online as they are now held by the London Metropolitan Archives. In some cases the actual original records are still with borough archives, but hopefully at least a microfilm copy will have been included.

There are still a few more records to come in the Surrey parish collection, and other records to be added to the online collection are electoral registers which should also be very useful (although before the war the background of many of the men means they may not have had the vote). Wartime registers often indicate whether men were absent voters and allowed to vote by virtue of their military service, or sometimes even have separate naval and military voters, which sometimes even give unit information (although these are often somewhat error-ridden).


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