What’s next?

So, now all the pages for the towers listed on the original roll are up, what’s next?

First of all I may do a little housekeeping – the number of towers means the menu can be unusable for towers near the end of the alphabet on shorter pages/posts. This will probably mean URLs change slightly, so if anyone’s bookmarked a page you may need to update it (unless anyone can tell me a way of doing redirects in WordPress).

The more substantive changes will involve adding additional pages for other (current) Surrey Association towers known to have had men who served, and similarly for other towers in the county of Surrey, even if they’ve never had any connection with the Association (as the division won’t mean much to non-ringers who happen upon the site). For these I generally don’t have so much information (though there are exceptions, such as men with a Putney connection). They have been gathered from the Central Council roll of honour and contemporary reports in The Ringing World.

After that I’ll move on to creating individual pages for each man. These will be fairly standardised going through available information (birth, marriage and death records; censuses; military information; and ringing-related) chronologically (though possibly with a Wikipedia-style infobox at the top for headline information). More narrative building on this will be done as blog posts.


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