Limpsfield Chart, St Andrew – Tidys and Firmagers

Six men from the small village of Limpsfield Chart served, three brothers from the Tidy family, two from the Firmager family, and one Clinch. There are surviving service records for one more Firmager brother – but no evidence he was ever a ringer – and also evidence that a fourth Tidy served, and he is known to have been a ringer subsequently.


4 thoughts on “Limpsfield Chart, St Andrew – Tidys and Firmagers

  1. Tim Lloyd

    Nice to see Firmager mentioned. An almost historic surname in the Oxted and Limpsfield area. I have distant memories of an ‘Auntie’ Firmager when I was growing up – the daughter of one of these brothers perhaps?

  2. Louise.

    yes- leonard tidy was another brother. my great grandfather was edward ernest. my mum when chatting about the chart usually mentions firmagers, amongst others.

    1. davidunderdown95 Post author

      Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll be starting to add more detailed information for each man shortly (though it will take a while to get through to Limpsfield Chart).

      I’m also looking for additional information (particularly photos).


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