Colliers Wood – Lucky 13

Christchurch, Colliers Wood (or Mitcham as it was listed in the original roll) sent thirteen ringers to war — the largest contingent of any tower — and was fortunate enough for all of them to return (though three are marked on the original roll as having been wounded, and others suffered illnesses and other problems). An impressive effort for a six bell tower, though of course it was in a more densley populated, and urban, area than much of Surrey was at the time. There are three sets of brothers among the thirteen, two Druetts, two Jennings and three Parslows (a fourth Parslow also served, but does not appear to have been a ringer, though it is known their father was). Alfred Miller may also have been brother-in-law to the Druetts. This just goes to show what a family business ringing could be (and still is). Horace Charles Druett is one of the handful of men named on the roll who were commissioned during the war. He seems to have considered joining the Indian Army permanently, having transferred to the Indian Army Reserve of Officers, but thought better of it and returned to the East Surrey Regiment. There are some indications in his records that he felt he had been misled as to his prospects in India.


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